Building Green

As an industry  leader, Pafco Construction leads by example.  Continually educating ourselves on green practices and working diligently to utilize those methods.  Whether or not green materials fit into our customers project, we make green practices and methods part of what we do.

Through design input and value engineering, Pafco Construction will help you develop a plan that meets your budget and objectives while incorporating sustainable building materials and construction processes.  Our goal is to create an efficent, enjoyable space that creates to most environmentally friendly home possable and also minimizes its impact on the environment.

Save Money and Improve Re-Sale Value
Green Building saves you money today through lower utility bills and in the future through improved re-sale value.

When you entrust your home renovation or addition to Pafco Construction, we will guide you through the choices available to you to lower your utility bills, minimize home maintenance, and reduce the environmental impact of your home.


We are ready to help you.

Lower Your Utility Bills!

  • High Performance Low-E Windows
  • Improved Insulation and eshield
  • High Efficiency Air Conditioning and Furnaces
  • On Demand Tankless Hot Water Heaters
  • Home smart systems
  • High efficiency lighting
  • Energy stat appliances                                                                                   

Reduce Your Home's Carbon Footprint!

  • Locally Manufactured Brick and Siding
  • Recycled Material Decks
  • Renewable Resource Flooring
  • Long Lasting "Lifetime" Roofs

Keep Your Home Healthy!

  • Air and Water Filters
  • Low -VOC Paints
  • Natural Fiber Carpets
  • Fresh Air Venting





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